About us

Our organization exists to solve real world problems in a radically off the beaten path way. It doesn’t matter if everyone believes a subpar solution is the best – often people believe so simply because of following tradition. We want to challenge the norm to come up with solutions that feel like a breath-of-fresh-air. 

Don’t mistake our intent – it’s not that we believe you can’t get by as you have been – obviously you have. It’s more that we want you to thrive rather than just survive, and as such we truly believe our products will take your life to a whole new level. 

It’s to this end that we developed the Sharpoint Collection – rings that provide everything you want: metal realness as opposed to silicone squishiness, safety for all of your adventures, and an EDC knife belt in. This is not just a ring; this is a ring with practicality engineered in.

Here you go!

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