A metal ring designed for


About time.

The cutting edge of wedding bands.

It's been an easy choice...



Safety has trumped awesomeness.

Are you tired of the squishiness, the fake-looking metal options, and the silicone stretch with time factor but at a loss of any other option than caving in to the silicone loving masses? We feel you.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

The safety of silicone

Metal that's

Now you can.

Hello Sharpoint.

Welcome to the future of wedding rings – rings designed for uncompromising men.

Adventure without Fear

What if, instead of buying a ring that works for your lifestyle, you bought a ring that defined your lifestyle?

In the office.

In the woods.

Scaling a mountain.

Metal rings look stellar indoors, but in manual jobs or in the woods it’s either silicone, no ring, or no finger. With the Shapoint Collection you can wear your ring anywhere – from the desk to the extreme. It’s time to stand out from the masses and make your own mark.

How do we achieve a metal ring that’s safe? Our Patent Pending design is made to come apart before your finger gets hurt, but not otherwise. With a snap it is back together, good as new – ready to tackle anything.

It’s metal safety at it’s finest with a wedding symbol to boot – two halves becoming one.

The Ultimate EDC

This is not just a metal ring that happens to be safe – this is a ring with tacticality engineered in. Need a knife, arrowhead, wire stripper, box cutter, brass knuckles, or a flat head screwdriver? Look no further.

When your buddies see you wearing this ring on the range their astonishment will turn to admiration – and rightly so.

Everything you need – always with you. 

Stealth mode at it’s finest.


– Remembering to switch between a work ring and a play ring. Gone are the days of having your spouse remind you to dress up for a date only to forget where you placed your metal ring. Over time you’ve thrown in the towel to twenty bucks of silicone. What if you never had to settle to wear something that’s not, honestly, that becoming of a man to wear?

– Needing a silicone ring. Tired of spending money on them, time on getting replacements when they wear or stretch out, and honestly not being sold that they are something you can wear with pride? It’s time to have one ring that works for everything.

– Fear of metal ring accidents/avulsions. You can’t deny how good metal feels and looks, but you also can’t deny that accidents can happen whenever. With a Sharpoint ring nothing will ever give you that fear again.

– Being stranded without a multitool. Kiss goodbye to that sinking feeling of not being the hero who has the knife on them.

Time to wear a ring you can be proud of.

It’s safe, but is not made from fake looking silicone. It’s metal, but it’s engineered to come off in an emergency. It’s practical and tactical with a built in gadgets. It’s elegant, shatterproof, and nearly indestructible.

100% Metal + Adventures without fear + Hidden Knives for any emergency + EDC Always with You + Hypoallergenic + Sustainably Produced + Killer Warranty + Made in USA + Built to last a Lifetime = the ring James Bond would wear. 

If you are the kind of person that loves adventure without fear, being prepared anything, and having a ring you can be proud of in any environment this is the ring for you.

Here you go!

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